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Save Locations

Save the locations you want to explore, Motive will use AI to relevantly group these places for you.

Motives On-demand

Going out? Don't waste your time planning where to go; let Motive do that for you. Motive uses AI to design your night, so you don't have to. Say goodbye to those "I don't know's", say hello to Motives tailored for you.

Share Motives

Post your favourite Motives, share your pictures, encapsulate your experiences.


Follow others, discover their favourite Motives, and save them to your Motives list.

Innovative Rating System

Let Motive know what you thought of an activity using a simple yet innovative rating system. Our fancy AI will use your ratings to improve your experience.

About Motive

"London slang for an event or activity"

Motive ᛫ noun ᛫ /ˈmō-tiv/
Motive is the go-to app designed to make your Friday nights easier - or any other night for that matter. The idea for Motive materialised from the growing number of wonderful activities posted on social media, only for us to forget about them when planning an activity. From that, Motive spotted an opportunity to make Social Media, well, social again.

Motive enables users to create activities (or "motives") on demand using places they've saved from social media. It also encourages users to share the wonderful places they go to with their followers.

Motive uses AI to plan a user's "motive" quickly. It's the social media that gets you out into the real world.


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